In British Columbia, Sections 12 and 13 of the School Act of 1989 grant parents the legal right to homeschool and to provide an educational program of their choice for their children. Children must be registered to homeschool at a school in BC, such as SelfDesign’s HLN (Home Learners’ Network).  Registering schools do not provide a teacher to work with homeschooling families; instead, parents are considered the providers of education and they do not have to meet any reporting requirements and the learning and support services that they receive from the registered school are minimal, reflecting the small funding provided.

In 2006, Bill 33 enshrined ‘Distributed Learning’ (DL) programs such as the SelfDesign program for grades K-12 in the School Act of British Columbia. All DL programs must demonstrate teacher involvement in planning, delivery and assessment of the learners’ educational program. From the Ministry’s viewpoint, learners must be enrolled at a school in BC, such as the SelfDesign Learning Community K-12 Program,  for the school to receive per student funding.  Learners enrolled in SelfDesign’s K-12 Program will have support of a Learning Consultant or Mentor and the support of learning resources/services. The Ministry of Education considers SelfDesign Learning Consultants (all BC-certified teachers) and Mentors to be acting in the role equivalent to that of a teacher, with parents and learners comprising the other members of each child’s learning team.

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