Here is a Basic Overview of procedures and requirements for participating in our program for more detailed requirements please see ourĀ Program Agreements:

i. As part of the typical enrollment process in SelfDesign a family reviews our Learning Consultant (LC) bios and they select one with whom to work closely throughout the year (families enrolling in SelfDesign must have a computer and internet hookup [high-speed recommended]).
ii. After a LC reviews family information (included with application) and agrees to work with a family, that family is assigned to the LC.
iii. In early September (or soon after a family enrolls) a family receives instructions for downloading and accessing the SelfDesign ‘Village of Conversations’ and contact is established with their LC through the Village and by phone.
iv. A SelfDesign personalized Learning Plan and Budget are established and documented, a collaborative activity between the family and LC. To help facilitate the planning process, and to establish relations, a Learning Consultant will arrange to visit and meet a family. In some cases, geographic distance will not permit such a meeting, or a meeting will occur later in the year.
v. While a SelfDesign personalized Learning Plan is being drafted, a family begins their weekly ‘Learning Reflections’ reports, an activity that continues throughout the year with the LC responding to each weekly report. The Learning Reflections are based on observing the learning of each child. LCs also correlate or ‘translate’ learning highlights from the Learning Reflections to Provincial Learning Outcomes established by the Ministry of Education.
vi. Two times a year a Learning Consultant and family collaborate in completing ‘Seasonal Reflections’ for each learner, summarizing learning highlights and activities. An annual review is completed at the end of the year and is considered part of a learner’s Permanent Educational Record by the Ministry of Education.
vii. Families enrolled in SelfDesign have access to learning resources and services, these are identified in the budget attached to the SelfDesign personalized Learning Plan.

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